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.                                        Spa Services

       Repairs Include :

  •   Diagnosis / Troubleshooting
  •   Heating Element Replacement
  •  Top Side Control Replacement
  •   Pump Replacement
  •   Leak Detection & Repair
  •   Air Blower Installation
  •   Filter & Valve Replacement
  •   Electrical 
  •   Complete New Pack Installation
  •   New Spa Cover Replacement 

                Call Us For Your Spa Repairs !

                            (518) 773-9876


             We Also Offer:


  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly Spa Maintenance
  • Spa Drain, Clean & Refill
  • Spa Closing & Winterizing



If you do not intend to use your spa in the winter, the tub must be winterized in order to prevent ice damage to equipment and pipes. Just draining the spa will not do ! Also, your spa should be covered with a protective spa winter cover to protect the thermal cover during the winter months. During heavy snowfall the cover may need to be cleared of snow by hand.
Protect your investment and avoid costly spring repairs by calling us for your spa winterization appointment. Our winterizations guarantee against any damage to PVC pipes, PVC fittings, or other parts due to freezing.

                              Call Us To Protect Your Spa!